Some of the best summer cocktails you need to try in Montreal

Jun 28 2021, 7:49 pm

It’s officially summer, the weather is toasty, and terraces are in full swing, which really only means one thing: it’s time for refreshing cocktails.

From daiquiris, margaritas, mojitos, and more from across the island, here are a few drinks that might make you feel like you’re on vacation — at least for a few sips.



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Escodite makes amazing margaritas. They offer a variety of mojitos, michelada, and Miss Paloma drinks. Essentially any cocktail that starts with the letter M.



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Boho is temporarily closed due to the pandemic but is slated to reopen in July. If you’re in the mood for colourful drinks and bohemian surroundings, this place makes a mean mojito and specializes in crushed ice-based cocktails to keep you feeling refreshed in the hot summer months.

Atwater Cocktail Club

With a name like the Atwater Cocktail Club, you better believe they dish out tasty summertime cocktails.

One of Montreal’s best speakeasies, the club makes a very tasty cocktail called the Peachy Keen: vodka, angostura bitters, fresh peaches, and mint.

Le Mal NĆ©cessaire

Looking for a cocktail served in a pineapple? Say no more — Le Mal NeĢcessaire has got you.

Milky Way Cocktail Bar

Milky Way Cocktail Bar has a cool intergalactic vibe, and they dish out one-of-a-kind piƱa colada, and their “Island in the Sun” drink is a lot of fun too.


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