Here's where gas is cheapest in Montreal right now

Oct 21 2021, 3:04 pm

If there was ever a time to consider becoming a winter biker in Montreal, it’s now. Most gas stations in the Montreal metropolitan area and Laval are charging $1.50 per litre of regular gas.

According to Essence Montreal, the gas price monitoring website, gas could jump anywhere between three to nine cents a litre in 24 hours.

If paying nearly $2 for a litre of gas boils your blood, the website categorizes the cheapest gas stations from across Quebec.

Currently, the average gas price in the province is an unsettling $1.48 per litre. Essence Montreal says that over the past 24 hours, the most expensive gas stations in the city are charging $1.56 per litre in Sainte-Julie and Verdun.

If you’re willing to trek a few extra kilometres, you can find gas stations for a bit cheaper.

As of October 21, here are the cheapest places to get gas around Montreal over the past 12 hours:

Price Location City
141.0 Pétrole Maurice
St Luc / des √Čchevins / Bernier
141.9 Ultramar
Pierre-Caisse / Choquette
141.9 Esso
Omer-Marcil / Alexis Lebert
144.3 Costco
2999 Aut.440 Laval/Ave. Jacques-Bureau
148.9 Ultramar
2510 Lapiniere / Auteuil
Ty JadahTy Jadah

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