Montreal ArtsGames will continue on without city funding

Apr 23 2018, 9:11 pm

The Montreal ArtsGames will go on, despite the city announcing it will pull its funding from the event.

“The ArtsGames stay the course despite a decision by the City of Montreal to end its financial participation. The ArtsGames are being held, October 26 to November 2, 2018. No effort will be spared to make the ArtsGames a success,” said organizers in a statement.

On April 19, the City of Montreal scrapped all funding for the ArtsGames, a nine-day international arts competition.

The ArtsGames was initially announced in 2015 by former mayor Denis Coderre. He said the city would invest over $6 million into the event.

But by 2016 the Coderre team lost interest and pulled funding from the event.

The first ArtsGames were supposed to be held before the 2018 Winter Games but due to the lack of momentum from the city, the event was postponed to fall 2018.

The Plante administration has now cut off its partnership with the ArtsGames and this is not the first time that Plante has pulled the plug on Coderre’s plans. In December, Plante announced the controversial Formula E race would also be cancelled.

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