Quebec restaurant offers free poutines to motorists who don't drink and drive

Sep 19 2018, 8:32 pm

The La Belle et La Boeuf restaurant franchise is known for dishing out massive servings of food but they’ve started serving some rewarding common sense as well in the form of poutines.

TheĀ Boisbriand location of the popular Quebec chain may be on to something tasty.

They’ve used a new way of encouraging drivers who’ve had too much to drink to leave their cars overnight by offering free poutines upon their next visit.

La Belle et La Boeuf Boisbriand posted an image to their Facebook page, thanking the driver of a car parked in their lot overnight.

The letter claims they weren’t sure if the driver had been drinking or not but thanked them with the free poutine regardless.

After the Facebook post made its way around social media to positive feedback, the chain, which operates 10 locations around the province, said it was going to keep the reward going.


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They’re going to print out cards and leave them under the wipers of future inebriated driver’s cars who also choose to leave their vehicles parked overnight.

Public safety, a night out of drinking and a free poutine? That’s a pretty appealing trio. Especially if you use the poutine the next day as an instant pick-me-up.

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