Get high: Scratch skydiving off your bucket list at this wild indoor spot in Montreal

Oct 4 2022, 8:23 pm

If you’ve longed to cross skydiving off your bucket list but the thought of jumping out of an airline at 15,000 feet is too daunting, there’s still hope.

iFLY Montréal Chute Libre Intérieur at the Cosmodôme in Laval, just outside of Montreal, offers high-flying exhilarating activity without the need for an airplane.

The indoor skydiving spot is open to first-time flyers, groups, children, seniors, and people looking to turn the hovering experience into a full-time hobby.

First-time flyers will be in the wind tube with two instructors, one to help navigate the tunnel and another to control the airspeed.

Does it sound wild, yet?

Instructors help people move at their own pace, to ensure you don’t go flying all over the place. How often do you get to consider that? Like, come on.

All flyers are asked to show up an hour before the flight to check in and go through the pre-flight briefing with iFLY instructors. Here, flyers will go through the basic flying position and in-tunnel hand signals.

iFLY says it has “the best technology” for wind tunnels, offering “incredible” designs for the “smoothest air-flow.”

iFLY says it replicated the actual skydiving experience and offers flights which are about 1.5 times longer than a tandem jump.

Each flight is about one minute long and double-flights are available for 120 seconds.

Any above the age of three is welcome to take a dive and the wind tunnel can also be reserved for groups of six people or more.

Prices start at $84.95 per flyer and consist of two wind tunnel jumps.

Enjoy your flight, Supermen and women.

iFLY Indoor Skydiving

When: Monday to Friday, 4 to 9 pm; Saturday and Sunday, 10 am to 9 pm
Where: 700 Ave du Cosmodôme, Laval
Price: Starts at $84.95, available online

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