11 hidden gem cafes in Montreal that even local coffee drinkers don't know about

Sep 13 2022, 3:44 pm

Caffeine just hits differently when you’re enjoying it at a cafe that is off the beaten path.

There’s just something about it. It’s science.

Montreal is known for having a spectacular coffee and cafe scene but if you’re looking to add a few lesser-known spots to your roster, dive into any of these hidden gem cafes from across the island.

Because impressing your friends with an “I know a good spot” is always fun.

Élémentaire café

This artsy and open-air rustic cafe in NDG serves up very tasty coffee, vegan-friendly snacks, and has art exhibitions and the occasional stand-up comedy show.

It should be much more popular than it is. Maybe you’re the final key to unlocking its potential?

My Little Cup

Besides having an adorable name, My Little Cup is a hidden gem just in front of the McGill Metro station.

The coffee is great and the beans are from one of the most respected roasters in all of Canada.

Le Dépanneur Café

How about two iconic Montreal things at the same time? A depanneur AND coffee at the same spot (as its name so obviously implies).

The cafe is stylized as bohemian and has lived-in decor, live piano music, and seriously tasty espresso.

Parma Café


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Parma Café has three locations, all of which are gems that the average coffee drinker might not know of.

Parma has locations downtown (Bishop), in Jean-Talon, and in Old Montreal, all of which are must-tries. Especially those iced coffees.

Café Baristello Jarry

Come for the coffee, stay for the meatball sub.

Café Larue & Fils

Another popular local franchise that deserves way more exposure, the Saint-Zotique Street location has great coffee and very cozy options to get some work done.

Le Café Bloom


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This hip cafe serves up tasty locally sourced coffee, an extensive tea menu, and decadent treats.

Café Redwood


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If you’re trekking through the Lachine Canal and/or the Atwater Market and you need a caffeine fix, get Café Redwood on your must-try radar.

The bright and modern coffee shop serves up specialized coffee, treats, summer drinks, winter toasties, sandwiches, and desserts.

The elegant spot has been open since 2021 but never got a chance to catch its stride due to the pandemic. Go show ’em some love!



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How about a little intrigue to your coffee?

Ludo Café likes to market itself as an “underground” spot, probably because it’s found inside the Panda Boxing Gym in Old Montreal.

Go find them, it’s totally worth it.

Wolfgang Social Club

This hidden gem cafe in Hochelaga is part of a trendy tattoo parlour, specializing in third-wave coffee, using beans from a local roaster.

The lattes are so good, maybe you’ll stick around and get tattooed.

Waxman House Cafe


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Waxman’s is a three-for-one: tuxedo rental, barber, and coffee shop. And you don’t necessarily need to get the trifecta, but why not?

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