This Griffintown park is being named after a legendary Canadian businesswoman

Mar 26 2018, 4:38 pm

In an effort to recognize more women in Montreal’s public spaces, a new park in Griffintown will be named after Mary Griffin.

Griffin was a businesswoman who bought the land that currently makes up Griffintown in the early 1800s.

According to CBC, the park that will take Griffin’s name will be located at the corner of Ann and Ottawa street.


City of Montreal

The City is planning to build a total of three new parks in Griffintown.

The idea to name the park after Mary Griffin was suggested as part of the Montreal’s Toponym’Elles project.

Toponym’Elles – toponymy is the study of the names of places – was created in 2016, in order to increase the representation of women in Montreal’s landmarks.

According to a City of Montreal, of the 6000 names of the city, men currently dominate the toponymic panorama with more than 50% of the names. Women represent only 6%. The rest of the place names are composed of family names and neutral names.

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