Here's where you can find the cheapest gas in Montreal right now

Jun 20 2022, 8:23 pm

If there was ever a time to consider becoming a bicycle enthusiast or electric car owner, it’s now. Montreal’s gas prices have reached historical highs over the last few months.

Most gas stations in the Montreal metropolitan area and Laval are charging an astonishing $2.13 per litre of regular gas.

According to Essence Montreal, the gas price monitoring website, some gas stations in Montreal are charging as much as $2.18 per litre.

If paying that much for a litre of gas boils your blood, the website categorizes the cheapest gas stations across Quebec.

If you’re willing to trek a few extra kilometres, you can find gas stations for a bit less. At this point, every cent counts.

As of June 20, here are the cheapest places to get gas around Montreal — almost all of which belong to Costco.

Price Location City
207.9 Costco, 635 ch de Touraine Boucherville
208.9 Pétrole Maurice
St Luc/des Échevins/ Bernier
208.9 Costco
St-Charles / Dunberry
208.9 Costco
Bombardier / Renaude-Lapointe
208.9 Costco
2999 Aut.440 Laval/Ave. Jacques-Bureau


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