The Montreal Canadiens have a ridiculous number of J-named players

Mar 21 2023, 1:39 pm

On Monday, the Montreal Canadiens held a team photo session at the Bell Centre.

While the shoot acted as a way for fans to see injured players like Cole Caufield and Juraj Slafkovsky back in uniform, it also highlighted something most of us probably never realized.

At the moment, the Habs have nearly a dozen players whose names begin with the letter “J.” The team poked fun at the odd coincidence by making the “J”s pose for their respective team photo.

CanadiensMTL / Twitter

In case you were wondering, the 11 players who share the initial are:

  • Jesse Ylonen
  • Johnathan Kovacevic
  • Jonathan Drouin
  • Joel Armia
  • Jake Allen
  • Josh Anderson
  • Juraj Slafkovsky
  • Joel Edmundson
  • Jordan Harris
  • Jake Evans
  • Justin Barron

Along with the traditional team photo, a few other group categories were formed, such as players named “Mike” and those born after the year 2000⁠— a group that captain Nick Suzuki was unable to join since he was born in 1999.⁠

Adding to the shenanigans, the team also shared a video of beloved mascot Youppi being rudely awoken by the team’s presence. The orange mascot was caught in the nude before running away in embarrassment.

Overall, picture day proved to be a bright spot in an otherwise difficult season for a team that currently sits in 28th place in the standings. Hopefully, we’ll see even more smiles when the NHL Draft Lottery results are announced.

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