Have you checked out Montreal's retro '90s-themed authentic Italian bar yet? (PHOTOS)

Jul 12 2022, 7:40 pm

Downtown Montreal has a groovy ’90s-themed spot to enjoy coffee. But no, it’s not a cafe. It’s a bar Italiano — and don’t confuse them.

Aptly named Caffettiera, the downtown spot is marketed as a “stand-up espresso bar” that serves coffee roasted just outside of Rome and imported by the renowned Roman roaster, Fantini.

While speaking with Daily Hive, owner Andreas Vecchio says Caffettiera (which means “coffee pot”) is a “real contemporary Italian Bar, not a cafe.” He says for Italians, a bar is where people go to “take a break from the day.”

The retro-themed spot — which also offers signature sandwiches, snacks, desserts, and aperitivi — is a place to “sit and contemplate life with a proper coffee.” The style mimics Italy of the 1990s, which Vecchio says “was a beautiful time, Italians were wrapped in the flag and whistling the same World Cup tune.”

Vecchio says Milan and Naples were dressing the world. “The north of Italy exported their designs to ports around the world. The south exported pride and joy to their diaspora around the globe, including Montreal. Which brings us to Caffettiera.”

The owner says the caffettiera has an “extremely important social context,” highlighting that “we put on the caffettiera when guests arrive, we pour our caffettiera in the thermos and share it with our colleagues at work or in the park.”

Does that sound very Montreal to you?

While sharing the bar’s mission statement with Daily Hive, you’ll notice the bar doesn’t serve a shot of espresso longer than 100 ml (3.5 oz), which they say is four times the “perfect dosage.”

The spot doesn’t have coffee sizes, “espresso and cappucini are for enjoying, not for hanging out with you all morning,” it says. The stand-up Italian bar says sizes are just watered down versions.

The downtown spot also doesn’t have WiFi — “enjoy your beverage, look around, talk to a stranger.”

CAFFETTIERA – Caffé – Bar (Submitted)

Caffettiera has gorgeous wood panelling and telephone wire lights hanging from the ceiling, coupled with black-and-white checkerboard tiles running throughout the entire shop and vibrant-coloured tabletops.

It’s an absolutely stunning sight to see and quick time-travel back to Italy of three decades ago.

Caffettiera (2055 rue Stanley) is open every day from 8 am to 6 pm and until 8 pm from Wednesday to Friday.

If you haven’t yet had a chance, this summer might be the best time to check out downtown’s Caffettiera, which opened in July 2020.


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