Montreal BIXI bikes are now equipped with a new laser light system

Jul 27 2018, 8:27 pm

Montreal BIXI bikes are now equipped with lasers.

Yes, they are real but unfortunately, not the Star Trek type of lasers to thwart criminals.

The new safety precaution, installed on 55 bikes throughout Montreal, is a green laser light system mounted atop the bicycle’s front wheel.

The light projects a green laser bicycle icon five metres ahead of the rider to increase visibility at night.

laser light

BIXI Montreal/Twitter

The projected laser increases the rider’s visibility and is a way for pedestrians, other cyclists and motorists to anticipate an oncoming biker before it’s too late.

“More than 20% of the trips taken in Montreal are in the evening, and this number will reach more than a million trips in 2018,” said Christian Vermette, CEO of BIXI Montréal. “These statistics have made us explore different options to equip our bikes with a technology that will allow users to remain safe on the roads.”

Each bike will cost $150 to fit with the lights and no extra costs will be passed over to BIXI members or solo riders.

The pilot project has equipped 55 bikes with the laser lights, effective as of Thursday, and will randomly add to their BIXI fleet throughout the network over the summer.

If safety results are conclusive, all BIXI bikes will be equipped with lasers by 2020.

Rentable city bikes with lasers attached to them, that’s pretty catchy.

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