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BIXI Montreal launches the TRIXI bike this summer

Jun 1 2018, 8:19 pm

Let’s keep the bike news rolling, Montreal!

In honour of World Bicycle Day on June 3, BIXI Montreal is officially launching their new TRIXI bike.

The TRIXI bike is a tricycle trailer that will be used to shift the BIXI bikes from one station to another.

You’ve probably seen those white BIXI bike trucks that distribute BIXI bikes evenly around Montreal to make sure stations aren’t overcrowded or scarce.

The TRIXI bike will be an alternative to getting around the city. It’s size and agility will make it easier to get to tough access areas and will remove the BIXI trucks from four-way stopping on busy roads.


BIXI Montréal

The tricycle trailers are activated by pedals but they also have an electric motor to compensate the weight. The BIXIs will be attached to the trailer’s two platforms, so they can be strategically transported to any BIXI dock station.

The eco-friendly TRIXI can move a maximum of twelve bikes at a time and can reach a top speed of 35 km/h.

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