Paris is a living, breathing Hemingway novel (he famously called it a ‘movable feast’.) It’s an enchanting mix of elaborate architecture, cobblestone streets and quaint cafés. Lamp-lit, tree-lined boulevards are buzzing with the murmurs of sweet French nothings. Romance is in the air, whether people are falling in love with each other or the city. The cuisine, culture, buildings, and history are so uniquely and unmistakably Parisian.

Not only is Paris home to some of the most iconic landmarks in the world, as well as a sophistication and eloquence that have transcended millennia, but this avant-garde metropolis is constantly surprising with new hidden gems in the trendiest venues and streets. The second you think you know Paris, you turn a corner and - voila - you realize you have only just scratched the surface.

The City of Love and Light is comprised of areas that will draw you in with their magic; ranging from immaculate gardens and parks to world-renowned monuments. Stroll the royal grounds of the Louvre, admire the ornamental bridges, or drink a bottle of wine on the banks of the Seine. Parisians can teach us a thing or two about living our best life.

You will leave with your eyes sparkling as bright as the Eiffel Tower (was that cheesy? we don’t care.) So whether you're planning or dreaming, bookmark this page to find all the best places to drink, eat, explore, things to do, and Instagram inspiration for Paree.


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