Top Instagram accounts from Paris that will make you want to book a flight right now

Aug 3 2018, 12:42 am

Paris has no shortage of magnifique photo ops. Anytime we see a pic of the twinkling Eiffel Tower, charming cafés, winding cobblestone streets and elegant balconies, our heart skips a beat. This city is next-level photogenic and your Instagram feed needs more of it.

Daily Hive Mapped has curated a Paris travel guide to show you where to drink, things to do, neighbourhoods to explore, and now, it’s time to start prepping for your trip with some major wanderlust inspiration.

These Instagram accounts from Parisian influencers will make you want to book a ticket to the City of Love, stat. Or, you know, just keep right on dreaming as you stare at your phone.


Originally from Sweden, Carin’s style of fashion, photography, and life in general are all on point. She creates content for major brands such as Dior, Chopard and Louis Vuitton and is always frolicking off to glamorous events or destinations. Follow her for dreamy photos of the most romantic city, but prepare for some major FOMO, because her life is goals.


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Who says that scrolling through Instagram isn’t an educational experience!? This popular Insta account alternates between aesthetically pleasing photos of Paris and the rest of the country, and French translations of English words and phrases. Bet you didn’t know “Ă©pouvantail” means scarecrow! (Okay, there are more useful words too – see photo above).


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As his handle suggests, Rudy is indeed the quintessential Parisian man. With class, style, and poise, this account will give you a glimpse into the charming male fashion and lifestyle in Paris. Guys can (read: should) follow him for style inspo and ladies, well, you know what to do.



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We have to give a shout out to our fave local boss babe, Jackie Kai Ellis. Jackie splits her time between Vancouver, where she had opened Beaucoup Bakery, and Paris, where she started The Paris Tours. You can catch her in Paris these days in her adorably charming, newly renovated, Parisian pad. Once you’re done obsessing over her Insta feed, make sure to read her new book, Measure of my Powers.



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Does anyone else get a flutter in their stomach just looking at this magical Instagram feed? From dancers on the banks of the Seine, to charming little Parisian markets, to unique epic Eiffel Tower views, the official account of the Paris Tourist Office is truly showing the City of Light in its best light. Paris, on t’aime indeed. Good luck trying not to book a flight after scrolling through this one.


If all the cutesy feminine beauty of Paris was summed up with one Instagram account, it would be this one. Follow Daphné for all the blossoming flowers, red berets, high heels and pretty views that the City of Love has to offer.



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Badr’s innovative take on photography shows a different side to Paris – you still have the elegant fences, charming doorways, and cute cafĂ©s, but there is something about his masculine editing style that makes the city seem a bit more gritty.


We love following this Paris-based PR firm for an authentic look into the lifestyle of a true Parisienne. This account posts everything from inspirational or humorous quotes, to stunning and unique views of the city, to delicious local dishes. Following this account will give you an idea of how the local ladies eat, dress, and think – basically, it’ll make you a Parisienne as well!



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The sexy, sultry, lustful, chic Paris that we all know and love is 100% embodied through this Instagram account. Everyone is crushing on Chloe Hollywood. Follow her for monotone colours, lingerie, and oh yeah, the occasional Parisian monument is in there too.



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Would this list really be complete without the namesake account of the city itself? Follow this account for a well-rounded look at the neighbourhoods, views, and eats of our beloved Paree. Le sigh.



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This account is specifically geared towards Instagrammers as they make their way through Paris. So, you know it’s going to check of all your Insta-inspo boxes! Follow @sliceofparis for all the photo-worthy phenomena in the city, with an emphasis on delectable desserts.



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If you love vibrant vintage fashion, Georgina is the Instagrammer for you. Follow her as she frolics around the city in the most colourful garb, busting the myth that Parisians only wear black!



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Fashionistas, look no further than the ultimate style source. If you want to see avant-garde fashion in all its glory, Vogue Paris is serving up all the latest trends on a chic, gold, embellished platter straight to your Insta feed. Follow this account to get your wardrobe ready for your trip over to the fashion capital of the world.



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The colours of Paris may have never been captured quite as beautifully as they are through this Instagram account. Local photographer Hervé Mouyal has a knack for snapping that perfect pop of colour throughout all neighbourhoods in the City of Light.



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You can’t go to Paris and not visit the Louvre. The problem is, with 380,000 pieces of art, you may be a tad overwhelmed with where to start in this elaborate museum. So what better way to narrow down your must-see pieces than through Instagram?! Flag all the posts you want to see in person, and you’ll be the most efficient museum goer of all time.



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This food and travel photographer has a couple connections with the others on our list. She’s one of the co-founders of @sliceofparis and besties with @jackiekaiellis! Follow her for an authentic and stunning representation of what life is like in the City of Light.

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