8 cozy and delicious coffee shops in Paris

Nov 22 2018, 5:51 am

Paris is known for many things: a rich sense of history from the Louvre right down to the cobblestone streets, incredible tourist attractions, immense levels of PDA (seriously people, just control yourselves), and surprisingly, some great coffee shops.

Since Paris is the home of some of the world’s best pastries and desserts, this list mixes in coffee shops with some dessert spots that serve impeccable coffee, just to sweeten the experience (get it? sweeten? I know, I am a master of wordplay).

So here it is, the Paris coffee tour:


paris coffee shop

Fragments. (Alfred Drinking Coffee)

Fragments was the first coffee shop I stopped at. This coffee treasure is hidden away a five-minute walk from Place de la République. It’s a small coffee shop with about 10-15 seats available, a bench that seats three comfortably outside, and a line up out the door of people ready and waiting to get some amazing coffee. Serving Hexagone roasters coffee (a local coffee roaster), this is a coffee shop that you NEED to stop by and check out.

Neighbours Café

paris coffee shops

Neighbours Cafe. (Alfred Drinking Coffee)

Neighbours is another local favourite that offers not only some amazing single origins on their bar but also a full breakfast menu. Again, one of the smaller shops with seats available for about 20 people maximum, this shop will guarantee you two things: 1. You will fall in love with the coffee there, and 2. you will not be disappointed with the food… seriously. I went for the coffee but the breakfast smelled so good I couldn’t turn it down.

Boot Café

paris coffee shops

Boot Café. (Alfred Drinking Coffee)

Ok if the first two shops were small, Boot Café is tiny! With literally three seats around a lone table, this coffee shop brings a new meaning to simplicity. There’s a small espresso machine, a grinder, a single pour over, and a kettle in the back. What this coffee shop lacks in space it makes up for in flavourful coffee. Serving Five Elephant coffee, the pour over I had was immaculately prepared and somehow managed to bring out flavours that I’ve never expected could come from a coffee… and trust me I’ve had some amazing coffees.

Café de Flore

paris coffee shops

Café de Flore. (Alfred Drinking Coffee)

Packed is an understatement when describing this old-school Parisian café. A local favourite, this spot serves some high-quality coffee and even higher quality desserts. If you go, grab yourself their Mille Feuille and a café allongé (espresso with a little bit of added water) and just live your best life.

Oni Coffee Shop

paris coffee shop

Oni Coffee Shop. (@oni_coffeeshop/Instagram)

A quaint little coffee shop, Oni serves up some delicious baked goods, some intriguing menu items and of course some flavourful coffee choices. This full-service shop should definitely be on your list for a relaxed breakfast and a great cup of coffee.

Pierre Hermé

paris coffee shops

Pierre Hermé. (@foodyriess/Instagram)

Ok for those of you unfamiliar with Pierre Hermé, let me paint you a picture. Imagine an endless lineup of different flavoured macarons, right next to a never-ending assortment of chocolates. What else would you need right? Well not only does this amazing dessert spot overlook the famous Champs Elysées, but it also offers amazing coffee to go with their specialty desserts. If you’re ready to splurge a bit, definitely stop by and have yourself a treat.

Arabica Paris

paris coffee shop

Arabica Paris. (@arabica.paris/Instagram)

For those of you unfamiliar with the coffee chain, it is renowned on the eastern hemisphere, and of course, its Paris location is no different. Their Beaupassage Kiosk offers their signature roast and gives you not only the opportunity to really enjoy the coffee being served, but also the environment around you. An open space concept, this shop is well worth the visit.

Bonus: Grab and Go Coffee


coffee shop Paris

Paul Bakery. (@shop_mong/Instagram)

This bakery chain is everywhere in Paris, and for good reason – it’s amazing. You can get a great coffee on the go and any kind of pastry you can think of. It’s a perfect stop for that tourist that just needs their croissant and coffee fix before going to visit the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, or to just go explore the wonderful city that is Paris.

So if you ever find yourself in Paris, looking for a good cup of coffee, why not check out one (or all) of these spots!

Bonne consommation de café (happy coffee drinking).


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