You can fly around the world from Montreal for just $1,463 this summer

Apr 11 2019, 4:38 am

Looking to get away this summer? Like really get away? If so, this multi-city flight deal might just be the ticket.

The deal comes courtesy of the good folks over at Flytrippers, who have put together an around-the-world itinerary that will turn you into a full-fledged globetrotter – literally.

On the destination hotlist? How about Paris, Athens, Singapore, Sydney, Honolulu, and then back to Montreal. In that order.

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Not a bad way to spend your summer vacation if you ask us.

Oh, and the best part, you get all, yes all, of this travel for just $1,463.

Paris travel deal

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If it sounds impossible it’s because it does come with some caveats. One, you don’t get any wiggle room when it comes to choosing or moving your flights — this is it, take it or leave it, all or nothing.

Two, no checked baggage. Yes, we know this will be hard for some of you but the fact is you don’t need more than the clothes on your back and a few more in your bag to make it across a couple of continents (oh, and a laundry machine, find a few of those along the way too). Plus, here is our handy carry-on packing checklist to set you up for success.

So, if you’re feeling adventurous, have some vacation time saved up, and enjoy spending your cash on everything that isn’t an expensive plane ticket, here’s what your June, July and August could look like:

  • Flight 1: Montreal to Paris – June 25 – $320
  • Flight 2: Paris to Athens – July 2 – $146
  • Flight 3: Athens to Singapore – July 9 – $254
  • Flight 4: Singapore to Sydney – July 29 – $157
  • Flight 5: Sydney to Honolulu – August 10 – $268
  • Flight 6: Honolulu to Montreal – August 20 – $318

TOTAL – $1,463

You can head over to Flytrippers right now to book all the flights for your next great adventure. See you on the other side… of the world.

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