5 travel destinations that won't break the bank in 2020

Dec 24 2019, 4:00 pm

We’re all guilty of letting our minds wander and daydreaming about extravagant adventures of grandeur in far off destinations.

Then our inconsiderate, reality-checking brains remind us that money exists and how we may not have enough of it to make these dreams a reality.


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Have no fear, fellow penny pinchers! We are here to reassure you that you can still go on a fabulous adventure without breaking the bank.

These international destinations are ideal for providing your much-needed travel fix in 2020 without the additional guilt of only being able to afford to eat instant ramen for weeks upon your return — unless you’re into that, in which case you do you!



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What was once a destination for backpackers and adventure travellers, Vietnam is increasingly becoming a sought after destination.

Depending on your budget and point of origin, the most money you will spend on your trip may be the cost of airfare.

On the ground, the prices in Vietnam regarding food, accommodation, and activities are small in comparison to attractions in North America.

Not to mention the ethnically rich history and hospitality of the region.

From the calming beauty of Sa Pa to the white sandy beaches of Da Nang, Vietnam is ideal for travellers looking for both value and substance.



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Some European holidays can indeed get very expensive.

However, Balkan country Bulgaria remains somewhat undiscovered by the travel masses, making it a perfect location for a budget-friendly European getaway.

Additionally, the further east you venture, the more likely you are to find a better deal.

Visitors can journey to Nessebar, a UNESCO World Heritage site home to what was once the ancient city of Messembria. Here, guests can admire the historical churches and walk down the old cobblestone streets.

Bulgaria is home to stunning mountains, as well as gorgeous black-sanded beaches and culturally vibrant cities.

If you are looking for the perfect blend of history and nature, look no further than Bulgaria.



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A hidden gem of Central America, Guatemala is rich in natural wonder while remaining an inexpensive destination.

It is also home to ruins from one of the most infamous ancient tribes in all of history, the Mayans.

A large portion of the attractions in Guatemala involves nature such as the highland lake of Atitlan, surrounded by volcanoes and quiet, peaceful villages.

As well, travellers can journey to the Semuc Champey and explore the vast river cave systems by candlelight. You can also swim in the nearby gorgeous cascading pools in the heart of the jungle.



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Most travellers have heard of the massive temple system of Angkor Wat, and while it is very worthwhile to see, there is so much more to Cambodia than just that.

While it is experiencing an increase in popularity in terms of touristic appeal, the islands of Cambodia remain relatively untouched — for now.

Travellers can expect appealingly low costs for hostels and other accommodation with even lower prices for the fantastic local food.

The island of Koh Rong is the perfect destination for travellers seeking to unwind in an authentic island paradise.



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As with many other budget-friendly destinations, the flights to and from Argentina are likely to be the priciest portion of your trip.

However, it is well worth it once you’re there with its low-cost accommodation and unique wildlife and natural beauty.

Gaze in wonderment at the waterfalls of Foz do Iguacu or trek the famed snowy peaks at Los Glaciares National Park.

The natural elements of Argentina are enchanting and abundant.

For a taste of urban vivacity, look no further than the bright lights of Buenos Aires and experience firsthand the liveliness and passion of Latin culture.

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