New platform connects medical cannabis patients with authorized products

Oct 7 2020, 7:44 pm

A recent poll conducted by Research Co. shows that the majority of medical cannabis patients in Canada are looking for more choice when it comes to suppliers and products, and a new platform is aiming to do just that. 

Patient Choice is a Health Canada-licensed online platform that connects patients with authorized producers and processors.

They carry a wide variety of product formats, such as oils, tinctures, flowers, and vapes, and they provide flexibility and convenience for patients to purchase their supply from a range of competitively priced providers.

“Medical cannabis patients deserve convenience, choice, and competitive pricing,” says Joel Taylor, co-founder of Patient Choice. “Right now, accessing medical cannabis is unnecessarily expensive and difficult, and people are being pushed back to the illicit market.”

Research Co.’s online study, conducted between December 18 to 19, 2019, found that among 1,000 adults in Canada, both Canadians and patients indicated that there is room for improvement when it comes to choosing medical cannabis products and suppliers. 

The majority of medical cannabis patients surveyed (71%) agree that there is a conflict of interest “if clinics that prescribe medication to patients are paid directly by the producers of that medication.”

Once a patient’s medical documents are securely registered with Patient Choice, the process becomes simple, its founders say in a release. Patients will have direct exposure and access to all producers and processors on the platform if they want to try something new, without having to register for different cultivators.

Patient Choice’s existing supplier partnerships include Artiva, Greenway Greenhouse, Bonify, GTEC’s Alberta Craft Cannabis, Heritage Cannabis’ Pura Vida, Medz Cannabis, and Purafarm brand, Tantalus, TGOD, Virtue Cannabis Co, and Weathered Islands. 

Given the increase in patients authorized for personal or designated cultivation, Patient Choice also serves critical niche markets for growing seeds and plants. The platform is continuing to expand as live plant delivery logistics strengthens across Canada.

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