8 restaurants and bars that make you forget you're in Edmonton

Jan 24 2022, 8:59 pm

Whether it’s to escape the winter blues or feel the itch to travel, sometimes we all feel the need to forget where we are for a little bit.

The Edmonton dining scene is an incredible opportunity to feel like you’re escaping the city for just a little while.

Many bars and restaurants here have rooms and menus that feel so transporting that it’s like you’re instantly somewhere else in the world as soon as you walk through the front doors.

These are eight great restaurants and bars to discover to help make you forget that you’re in Edmonton.



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This darkly lit Asian-inspired cocktail bar feels less like Edmonton and more like an elevated street food spot in another country, or a big city pop-up. The trendy bar is decorated with hanging lights, tropical wallpapers, and plant life that make you feel like your short drive to downtown Edmonton was really somewhere far away.

Address: 10359 104 Street NW, Edmonton


Tres Carnales Taqueria

It may be located in the heart of downtown Edmonton, but the authentic Mexican street food and the warm room with colourful lights and art at Tres Carnales feel like we are well south of the border. The room helps, but it’s the amazing tacos, quesadillas, tortas, burritos, and more that help to keep your state of mind in Mexico.

Address: 10119 100A Street, Edmonton


Sofra Authentic Turkish Cuisine

The authentic Turkish cuisine at Sofra definitely helps transport you out of Edmonton, but the incredibly warm room does as well. Red wallpaper, wooden carvings, and interesting lightbulbs throughout the space allow diners not just to feel like they might be in Turkey, but in the living room of a family home. The smells of fresh appetizers, grilled meats, and pizza straight from a forno oven don’t hurt the sensory experience, either.

Address: 10345 106 Street, Edmonton


Aloha Hawaiian Poke & Grill

This recently opened poke and grill spot promises to deliver the Aloha-lifestyle to Edmonton, but it actually feels more like it takes us to Hawaii. This cozy space feels like Honolulu, with a neon light, plant life, and a kitchen preparing staples like chicken teriyaki, hula-hula dishes, and plenty of spam dishes.

Address: 11315 174 Street NW, Edmonton


Tzin Wine & Tapas


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A spot for tapas is a great way to escape on a romantic date or with a large group. Tzin Wine and Tapas in Edmonton offers some of the best Spanish and European small plates in the city. It’s an intimate space here, with red walls and an excellent selection of wines. No matter who you’re with, Tzin is more of a trip than a night out.

Address: 10115 104 Street NW, Edmonton




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A whirlwind of flavours from Indonesian, Chinese, Thai, and Indian cuisine keeps you guessing where you are when dining at Padmanadi, but it’s not Edmonton. The walls are brightly coloured, large plants fill the spaces, inspired art work is hung, and beautiful statues greet you as you walk by. This is a family restaurant based on the original one they first started in Jakarta, so visiting here is like experiencing that first location.

Address: 10740 101 Street NW, Edmonton
Address: 106, 6925 Gateway Boulvard NW, Edmonton




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Dadeo doesn’t just transport its Edmonton customers to a different place, but a different time. Dadeo is a New Orleans bar that takes its inspiration from the 1950’s diners in the area. The Cajun and Creole cuisine here includes dishes like po’ boys, jambalaya, and gumbo, enjoyed in the retro-feeling throwback space.

Address: 10548 A 82 Avenue NW, Edmonton




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Hanjan is one of the best spots in Edmonton for Korean food, but it’s also one of the nicer rooms. It’s an open room with chalk art, unique lighting, one or two umbrellas, and a team of plant life. A coffee shop by day and a restaurant at night, this spot is always another place entirely no matter when you go. Going to Hanjan is more like stopping by some popular neighbourhood bar in Seoul.

Address: 3735 99 Street NW, Edmonton
Address: 10166 114 Street NW, Edmonton


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