Aloha Hawaiian Poke and Grill now open in Edmonton

Jan 11 2022, 9:57 pm

A new restaurant is bringing a Hawaii state of mind to Edmonton.

The Aloha Hawaiian Poke & Grill has opened in West Edmonton, serving all the fresh, healthy, and unique flavours of Hawaiian-style food.

The concept of this fresh new spot is to combine all of the flavours and dishes that make Hawaiian food so unique.

The plants, animals, and fruit of Hawaii are key ingredients in the cooking here, from pineapple to ham, to the seaweed used.

Aloha is embracing the cultural diversity found in different cuisines in Hawaii. Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Filipino, and even Puerto Rican influences can be tasted and enjoyed in the dishes here.

The poke here is unique. You can order a Hawaiian-style bowl or a mainland-style bowl; both have two scoops of rice, furikake, and flavoured salmon or tuna, but the mainland bowl includes extra toppings, like wonton chips or kimchee cabbage.

In addition to the broad poke menu, Aloha has a grill menu as well, serving up classic dishes with a couple of scoops of rice and macaroni salad, just like you might find in many Hawaii restaurants.

Teriyaki Chicken, Katsu Pork, and the Huli Huli Chicken, which is a quarter leg of chicken served on a bed of zucchini with house-made pineapple sauce, are just a few of the unique dishes you have to experience.

Aloha Poke & Grill also serves an all-day breakfast with island staples like Spam and eggs served with rice.

You can’t go surfing here in Edmonton, so this is probably the best way to bring Hawaii straight to you.

Aloha Hawaiian Poke & Grill

Address: 11315 174 Street, Edmonton


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