Drizzle Ice Cream serves Edmonton's wildest soft serve ice cream cones

Jan 21 2022, 8:34 pm

Name a better duo than ice cream and waffles. Edmonton’s Drizzle Ice Cream serves both here, and the results are delicious and eye-popping.

Located just off the corner of Whyte Ave and Gateway Blvd, Drizzle Ice Cream serves extravagant homemade soft ice cream creations and decadent homemade waffles.

This locally owned ice cream shop has six premium sundaes, twelve different flavours of Belgian chocolate dips, and house-baked Belgian waffles.

Exploring the menu and being as creative as you can be is the best part about visiting this recently opened spot. Starting with either chocolate, vanilla, swirl, or a rotating vegan flavour, you can then decide what to do next.

Coating a cone with any of the Belgian chocolate dips and fun toppings is a great way to dive in. Whether you go for strawberry cream, popcorn, unicorn bubblegum, carrot cake, or any of the other tasty flavours, you’ll have a uniquely personal soft-serve cone.

Sundaes are served in a cone or a cup, it’s totally your choice. The more difficult choice is choosing which sundae to actually order, and with curated creations like Rock The Road and Love u Berry Much, it’s a tough one where you win either way.

For anyone looking for high-quality soft serve but without all the toppings and additions, there are milkshake and plain cone options available as well.

Belgian waffles here come with chocolate, icing sugar, and a topping of your choice. They come with a side of soft serve, whip cream, and there’s even hot chocolate too.

Go in and see for yourself and prepare to make a completely original (and delicious) work of art.

Drizzle Ice Cream

Address: 10322 81 Ave NW, Edmonton


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