Karen's Diner pop-up experience hiring servers in Edmonton

Jun 7 2023, 10:39 pm

Karen’s Diner — an interactive, immersive, and unique dining experience — is coming to Edmonton, and they need some help.

This diner pairs great food and Karen-level rudeness, and the team is looking to hire servers with these very specific qualities. Hiring people in Edmonton, this tour is looking for “sh*t staff” to fill out some roles.

“Quit your boring ass job and apply for these dream positions,” the diner posted on Instagram.

You can find the job posting here, but don’t even think about DMing them for a job.

“Think you’ve got what it takes to be a busy AF and sassy Karen?” the post also stated.

This fun dining adventure has been making its mark in Alberta over the last few years, from Peter Pan-themed Neverland cocktail pop-ups to Lego burger joints.

Karen’s Diner is brought to us from the same Australia-based brand that organizes Hidden pop-up experiences around the world, but this time the experience you’re paying for is a bunch of rude “Karens” as servers.

The concept is a 1950s-style diner with burgers, floats, and other classic diner food – as well as a few strong cocktails – fully staffed by some less-than-pleasant waiters.

karen's diner

Courtesy of Karen’s Diner

Promising an “absurdly fun experience,” guests will not only enjoy good food and drinks alongside some rudeness, but they’ll also be forced to play some games. Also, anyone named Karen (with the ID to prove it) will get a free drink.

Recruit your friends to tag along for a different kind of old-school diner experience – just don’t complain to the manager.

Or better yet, apply for the job! The fun event will come to Edmonton on June 24 and 25.

pop up

Courtesy of Karen’s Diner

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