Over 20+ of Edmonton's best fried chicken spots mapped out

Mar 8 2022, 12:31 am

How many of Edmonton’s amazing fried chicken spots have you checked out?

There are so many tasty options in the city. It can be hard to keep track of where to go, where to go first, how to save the best for last, or even where you’ve already been.

Sure, scavenger hunts and treasure maps are fun for a bit, but we’ve got the real trail for you to follow.

We have designed a map highlighting the best places to sink your teeth into crispy, juicy, fried chicken deliciousness.

Check out all of the restaurants included on our Edmonton fried chicken trail.

Coco Deep Fried Chicken

Known for its mouthwatering fried chicken, Coco also uses a delicious signature Korean-style hot sauce and a sweet sauce. Soy garlic, original, and plated with cheese is also an option at this must-try fried chicken spot in Edmonton.

Address: 12620 132nd Avenue NW, Edmonton

Address: 3030 Granville Drive, Edmonton


Wow Pop Chicken


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Wow Pop Chicken is THE spot for fried chicken lovers who are looking for variety. Eighteen breaded spices and 10 unique sauces are offered on the menu here, and if something is just a little too spicy, grab any of its 18 different bubble teas.

Address: 3350 Parsons Road NW, Edmonton


Pelicana Chicken


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Priding itself on having the “freshest, juiciest, and most tender chicken,” Pelicana is a Korean spot with various different flavours.

Address: 106-2920 Calgary Trail NW, Edmonton


SFC Seoul Fried Chicken

This is one of the most popular spots for fried chicken in town, and one of the most fun menus. There’s all types of fried chicken on the menu, but also plenty of salads and sides, like mac n’ cheese pesto, corn fritters, and sesame potato slaw.

Address: 7904b 104th Street NW, Edmonton


Chicken for You


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With barbecue options, chicken-in-sauce options, and other entrees and sides, this is really more like chicken for everyone. The largest selection on the menu is for the famous fried chicken, with all sorts of options for bone-in or boneless, sweet or spicy, and more.

Address: 10406 118th Avenue NW, Edmonton


Kokoriko Fried Chicken


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This Korean fried chicken spot marinates the chicken for at least 24 hours and fries it in fresh oil every time for perfectly crispy skin and juicy meat. Like any great Korean joint, this one has unique sauces made in-house from secret recipes.

Address: 1713 Towne Centre Boulevard NW, Edmonton




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This neighbourhood-focused diner and bar serves up Cajun-style cooking of the south. Plenty of amazing New Orleans-style dishes are on the menu here, and the Southern Fried Chicken is one of the most popular. Included in the order is a seasoned half chicken, fried crispy and served with coleslaw, gravy, and your choice of potato hash or jambalaya rice.

Address: 10548 A 82nd Avenue NW, Edmonton




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Padmanadi is one of the most popular vegetarian spots in Edmonton, so this is a great place for any veggie lover with a craving for fried chicken. Veggie chicken is fried to perfection here and served with a house-made dipping sauce.

Address: 106, 6925 Gateway Boulevard NW, Edmonton

Address: 10740 101st Street NW, Edmonton


Waffle Bird


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Edmonton’s newest hidden spot offers amazing fried chicken dishes served with its favourite partner: waffles. The waffles are made Liege-style, which means they have thicker batters than you‚Äôre used to, closer to a bread. The chicken sandwiches here are all made with Vienna Bakery brioche buns.

Address: 8116 101st Street NW, Edmonton


Seoul Fried Chicken

This Korean-style fried chicken opened its doors in Edmonton in 2016 and has since taken the scene by storm. Try one of its seven flavours like fan favourites garlic soy or barbeque.

Address: 7904b 104 Street NW, Edmonton


Alberta Fried Chicken


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Touting its local and homegrown expertise, Alberta Fried Chicken offers a blast of flavour in each of its tasty offerings: AFC Classic, Frank’s Red Hot, Lemon Pepper Garlic, and Smoky Crushed Chili.

Address: 2435 17th Street NW, Edmonton


Northern Chicken


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This brand is known for its spicy and screaming hot flavours, as well as a fan favourite- mustard fried chicken.

Address: 10704 – 124th Street NW, Edmonton




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Known primarily for none other than its — you guessed it — meat. The chicken here doesn’t escape this restaurant’s reputation as a flavourful juggernaut. Its chicken is bursting with flavour and has the perfect amount of crispness.

Address: 8216 104th Street Edmonton


Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen


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This fried chicken fast-food chain is popular for a reason. In addition to its signature chicken, Popeyes serves up ghost pepper wings, Cajun crispy shrimp, and strawberry cream cheese fried pie. Hungry? Grab one of their chicken meals, which come with eight, 12, or 16 pieces.

Address: 10188 109th Street NW, Edmonton

Address: 4538 Calgary Trail NW, Edmonton

Address: 4214 137th Avenue NW, Edmonton

Address: 725 Mistatim Way, Edmonton



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Sure, the peach and mango pies are must-try items, and you always have to get the Jolly Spaghetti when you’re here, but it’s the fried chicken that put this Filipino chain on the map. Now, it’s one of the fastest growers restaurants in the world.

Address: 881 Tamarack Way NW, Edmonton

Address: 3803 Calgary Trail NW #914, Edmonton

Address: 1 Kingsway Garden Mall Northwest #2003, Edmonton

Address: 17136 90th Avenue NW 2-713 714, Edmonton

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