9 Ukrainian restaurants you can support in Edmonton right now

Mar 4 2022, 9:26 pm

Canada has the world’s third-largest Ukrainian population, and Alberta is a province with one of the largest groups. It makes sense there are so many wonderful Ukrainian restaurants in Edmonton.

We have heard harrowing stories from people living in Ukraine, we have seen rallies and protests in different cities, and the Canadian government also committed $25 million dollars worth of military support.

It can still feel the need to help on a smaller scale, because in times like these, every bit of help matters. We don’t have to only feel helpless.

Here are nine of some of the best Ukrainian restaurants in Edmonton serving delicious and traditional food.

Uncle Ed’s Restaurant

This family-owned Ukrainian food company has over 60 years of history. Freshly made and take-out is available for all Ukrainian classics, but don’t forget to grab some of the world-renowned for our famous sausage here.

Address: 4824 118th Avenue NW, Edmonton


Shumka Ukrainian Foods

Traditional foods using classic ingredients are the way this family-owned Edmonton spot has been doing things for decades. Perogies, cabbage rolls, and nalysnyky are all made from scratch at this Ukrainian restaurant.

Address: 16520 95th Street, Edmonton

Address: 1 Kingsway Garden Mall NW, Edmonton

Yo Baba Ukrainian Foods


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Home-style Ukrainian Foods are the specialty here, like cabbage rolls, perogies, and made from scratch sauerkraut that is jarred and sold retail for you to enjoy at home.

Address: 8103 127th Avenue NW #9, Edmonton


Baba’s Own Ukrainian Food


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There are many ways to spell it: perogies, pierogies, pirogues…and this authentic spot takes it super old school selling its pyrohy bags for the home. Creative flavours bring this traditional spot into an exciting space, with flavours like habanero cheese and blueberry.

Address: 7404 139th Avenue NW, Edmonton


Taste of Ukraine

Technically this authentic spot is in St. Albert, but we couldn’t leave it off. This is an old-world dining room that is decorated with murals, paintings, and amazing comfort food on all the tables.

Address: 516 St. Albert Trail, St. Albert

Widynowski’s Sausage House

This is a great Edmonton spot for trying wild game and house-prepared jerky, but it also has an amazing selection of Ukrainian dishes made from scratch. Perogies, cabbage rolls, and specialties like pedishke are amazing here.

Address: 4204 118th Avenue NW, Edmonton


Saskitoba Diner

Address: 1501 8 Street #1, Nisku

Purple Perogy

There are tons of authentic Ukrainian dishes you should order at the Purple Perogy, but obviously, it’s in the name. These Ukrainian dumplings come with a signature dill and green onion cream sauce, and also in a butter and onion sauce. Why not try both?

Address: 993 Fir Street #24, Sherwood Park


Malina Ukrainian Bakery

There are frozen cabbage rolls and perogies here made in-house, an all-day Ukrainian breakfast, and other classics like potato pancakes and borscht. The bakery makes fresh food daily to satisfy the sweet tooth, especially if you’ve never tried Ukrainian baked treats before.

Address: 629 Cameron Heights Drive NW, Edmonton


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