Best sushi spots in Edmonton you need to check out

Mar 17 2023, 9:47 pm

Looking for the best sushi in Edmonton?

Even though YEG is landlocked, it still has some great options when it comes to our favourite Japanese export, sushi.

There are several places to enjoy this offering around town. You can get everything from your favourite classics to bullet train sushi.

Here are six places to get the best sushi in Edmonton.

Japonais Bistro


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The menu concept is modern-style Japanese food including appetizers, makimono, sushi, sashimi, sides, and main dishes.

There are also so many makimono sushi rolls to choose from, from the classic dynamite roll to new creations like the tempura roll truffle fry made with tuna, cream cheese, jalapeño, shitake mushroom and topped with truffle mayo and sweet soy sauce.

Address: 11806 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton

Address: 6138 Currents Drive NW, Edmonton


Gintaro Japanese Kitchen

Located at 11850 145 Avenue NW, this concept has a large menu filled with Japanese specialties, with a focus on sushi rolls.

The food item you can’t pass up while dining here is the different sushi options. There are many different combinations to try, including rolls, nigiri, sashimi, and more. Classics rolls are certainly available, but the specialty rolls are absolutely wild.

Address: 11850 145 Avenue NW, Edmonton



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Besides street food items with a sense of flare, there is a great list of sushi, like the flame nigiri, which you can have as salmon served as is or topped with jalapeno, cheese sauce, or sriracha.

Address: West Edmonton Mall – 8882 170th Street NW, Edmonton


Yutaka Japanese Bistro & Bar

This menu concept is modern-style Japanese food that pairs with handcrafted cocktails. A few of the food items include pressed sushi, fusion-style sashimi, fried chicken bao sandwiches, and the signature Moji Baked Curry Pan rice.

Address: 10532 82nd Avenue NW, Edmonton


Izakaya Tomo


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There are quite a few sushi rolls on the menu here, but it’s the wild specialty options you need to try, like the crunchy spice roll made with tempura crumbs, cucumber, pickled daikon, unagi sauce, and spicy mayo sauce.

Address: 3739 99th Street NW, Edmonton


Mikado Downtown

Mikado has been serving YEG since the early ’70s, so you know it’s been tried and tested. Fresh fish is flown weekly from Tsukiji, Japan (the world’s largest fish market), California, Nova Scotia, and the Canadian West Coast to create fresh and inventive rolls.

Address: 10350 109th Street NW, Edmonton


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