7 best restaurants for dining out alone in Edmonton

May 31 2023, 11:00 pm

Eating alone doesn’t have to feel lonely.

There are plenty of reasons why you might be eating at a restaurant alone. Maybe you’re from out of town, or you were stood up, or maybe you just felt like doing it.

Luckily, there are several Edmonton restaurants that were not necessarily designed for solo dining, but they’re perfect for it. You won’t even feel the need to stare at your phone in these beautiful rooms with excellent food dishes.

Here are seven of the best Edmonton restaurants for eating alone. Some of them are even the best places in the city.

CafƩ Bicyclette


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Enjoy coffee, pastries, brunch, and more at this cozy spot. A perfect spot to sit back and hang by yourself, many bikers also use this cafe as a place to break up a bike ride. Sit inside or outside, it’s your choice alone to make.

Address: 8627 91st Street, Edmonton


Tzin Wine & Tapas


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This spot is better suited for a romantic date with someone, but just make it a lovely time with yourself. Treat yourself to the wine and tapas here in the quiet and intimate room. Enjoy a glass of wine, Spanish tapas, and decadent dessert all to yourself.

Address: 10115 104th Street NW, Edmonton




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Hanjan is just way too cool and cozy of a spot to not love being there by yourself. It’s amazing with a group as well, but going alone allows diners to take in the vibrant space of this cafe, kitchen, dessert, and bar. It also doesn’t hurt that the Korean-based menu is amazing.

Address:Ā 3735 99th Street NW, Edmonton



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Baijiu has a great food menu with interesting small plates ideal for having all to yourself. Trying multiple dishes is a key to dining out alone because you have nobody to share it with. It also has a long bar in the middle of all the action, so meet a friend, talk to the bartenders, or just enjoy the show.

Address: 10359 104th Street NW, Edmonton


Rosso Pizzeria


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Everybody loves pizza, so whether you’re eating alone or with a group really makes no difference. Some pizzas are better than others, especially alone. Neopolitan pizza is delicious when made right and isn’t too heavy for one person, and Rosso Pizzeria is one of the best in the city doing it.

Address:Ā 8738 109th Street NW,Ā Edmonton


Woodshed Burgers


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Woodshed Burgers is known for its massive sandwiches, creative burgers, fun sides, and more. Is there a better meal to enjoy alone than a burger and a side of fries?

Address: 2909 113th Avenue NW, Edmonton


Seppā€™s Pizza


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The menu features a number of classic New York-style pizzas with a Canadian twist. Itā€™s pizza, but itā€™s also one of the best places to eat in Edmonton. They’re also like…the perfect size to crush one by yourself. Or just get one of the jumbo slices!

Address: 11053 86th Avenue NW, Edmonton


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