Best spots in Edmonton for Korean-style corn dogs

Jan 4 2023, 11:40 pm

Looking for the best Korean-style corn dog spots in Edmonton?

It’s easy to see why these tasty snacks have become increasingly popular in the last few years. Korean corn dogs are basically hot dogs on a stick, coated in different batters, deep fried, and topped with fun condiments and ingredients. Mozzarella cheese, panko, potato pieces, ramen, and any sauce you can think of are typical options.

YEG only has a few spots right now to try these salty and sweet snacks, but hopefully, more are on the way soon.

Here are the best Korean hot dog spots in Edmonton.

Chungchun Rice Dog


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Specializing in making some of the best Korean-style hot dogs, Chungchun serves up more than 15 different kinds of items to try out, with even more add-ons to have it however you like.

Beef, sausage, different cheeses, and more options are available to get, and then you can decide from options like rice cakes, ramen chips, chicken nuggets, squid ink, or potato cubes, to name just a few.

Address: West Edmonton Mall — 8882 170th Street Unit 2583 NW


Gangnam Street Food


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Gangnam Street Food is a popular place to try the best street food dishes in Korea, especially corn dogs. The classic mozzarella and sausage are here, and there are also other options like ramen and flaky corn dogs.

There are four different locations, which makes this the go-to spot in YEG for a Korean-style corn dog.

Address: 9261 34th Avenue NW #15, Edmonton

Address: 8882 170th Street NW #1606, Edmonton

Address: Unit FC05, 1-Londonderry Mall, Edmonton

Address: Unit 427A, Kingsway Mall, Edmonton


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