The least visited parks of Canada are too gorgeous to ignore (PHOTOS)

Mar 2 2023, 8:09 pm

Parks across Canada are known for the scenic natural landscapes and camping opportunities they offer, but not all are created equal.

Parks Canada sent Daily Hive some new data on the least visited parks around the country. A few of them see zero visitors per year. This data was collected between April 1, 2021, and March 31, 2022.

Some of these captivating sites have a low number of visitors because it is difficult to reach them. But when you look at photos of these wonderful natural reserves, they seem to be worth the adventure and effort.

Perhaps you’ll want to slot one of these down for your next group trip. Let’s go!

Sable Island, Nova Scotia

Visitors: 205

Wapusk, Manitoba

Visitors: 83


Magan Dayal/Wikimedia Commons

Gwaii Haanas, British Columbia

Visitors: 752

Russ Heinl/Shutterstock

Ivvavik, Yukon

Visitors: 22

Aulavik, Northwest Territories

Visitors: 0

Parks Canada / James McCormick

N√°√°ts’ihch’oh, Northwest Territories

Visitors: 6

Paul Gierszewski/Wikimedia Commons

Nahanni, Northwest Territories

Visitors: 251

Vadim Gouida/Shutterstock

Tuktut Nogait, Northwest Territories

Visitors: 0

Wood Buffalo, Alberta

Visitors: 4,047

Russ Heinl/Shutterstock

Auyuittuq, Nunavut

Visitors: 65

parks canada

Parks Canada, Nunavut/Facebook

Quttinirpaaq, Nunavut

Visitors: 0

Parks Canada

Ansgar Walk/Wikimedia Commons

Sirmilik, Nunavut

Visitors: 0

Parks Canada

Karen Petkau/Parks Canada


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