Oh wheel: Driver doesn't mind driving without a tire on BC highway (VIDEO)

May 5 2023, 8:37 pm

Yesterday, a driver was caught driving without a tire on a major BC highway.

YouTube and Instagram page Vancouver’s Worst Drivers Dashcam shared the video with Daily Hive, suggesting that the video was taken yesterday, May 4.

Clearly, the driver wasn’t using the force.

However, based on some of the reactions on social media, most people think the driver was oblivious.

According to Vancouver’s Worst Drivers Dashcam and the person who submitted the video to the page, the video was taken on BC Highway One in Coquitlam, heading towards Surrey.

The video seems to have been taken by someone driving in the adjacent lane next to the tireless van driver, which this lawyer would probably have some thoughts about.

During the video, the incredulous driver rhetorically asks, “What are you doing?”

It also sounds like the driver yells out “whoa” at one point and other phrases that are hard to make out with the sound of the traffic blocking it out.

Many people reacted to the video of the driver driving without a tire.

“Totally oblivious,” read one comment on YouTube.

Another user said, “Probably doesn’t even know.”

Someone had a slightly more dramatic take, saying, “Wow she is going to kill someone.”

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