You can check out the world's largest golf tee right here in Alberta (PHOTOS)

Jun 6 2023, 6:04 pm

If you want a unique experience for the golf lovers in your life, the world’s largest golf tee in Alberta is the perfect spot to visit.

Sitting almost 150 km north of Calgary, the town of Trochu is home to the massive attraction.

World's Largest Golf Tee


The world’s largest golf tee stands 40 feet tall and looks over the town of 1,000 people.

How it came to be is pretty simple: Trochu won a contest after ATB Financial wanted to give a town a “Teenormous” prize.

According to the town’s website, local politicians, business owners, and, of course, people at the town’s golf course worked on the application that put them in the finals with Camrose and Marwayne.

When the judges arrived at Trochu, they were greeted by a display of 1,618 golf balls that read “T is for Trochu.”

All of that was enough to give Trochu the win, and in September 2009, ATB came to the town to “put the peg in the ground” in the biggest way ever.

World's Largest Golf Tee

Town of Trochu

To make the attraction even flashier, the town recently landscaped the area around the tee to add lights to brighten up this one-of-a-kind landmark.

World's Largest Golf Tee


There are others who have challenged for this prestigious title. In 2013 the city of Casey, Illinois, built a tee standing 30 feet tall, and even though it stands 10 feet shorter than the one in Alberta, it also is called the “world’s largest golf tee.”

Let’s be honest, we know if there was a green jacket for the true champion, it would be the tee in Trochu.

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