This Calgary Flames playoff anthem will get you pumped for tonight's game (VIDEO)

Aug 6 2020, 8:40 pm

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With Game 4 just hours away, the Calgary Flames will be looking for a win to close their qualifying series against the Winnipeg Jets.

The Flames currently lead the series 2-1 in the best-of-five qualifier. Tuesday night saw the team take a commanding 6-2 victory over the Jets, thanks to dominant performances from the forwards and goaltender Cam Talbot.

And while tonight is anyone’s game, having your own playoff anthem definitely doesn’t hurt your chances.

True Mamba, also known as Akrit Jawanda, recently released the official music video for “We Lit!” — what he calls the (unofficial) Calgary Flames anthem.

The Canadian rapper was born and raised in Calgary. He became a Flames fan in 2000 and spent plenty of time idolizing former Flames captain Jarome Iginla.

True Mamba actually released the original version of the song one year ago, but made a handful of tweaks before releasing the updated recording.

“The overall sound and arrangement of the lyrics were the main changes,” he tells Daily Hive in an interview. “I got Sodhivine on board who produced the music and the video was done by Tyler Hamende. I wanted to switch up the sound and energy from last year.”

Mamba says that it took several weeks for the whole project to be put together.

“It was just a matter of elevating the song in a different way and executing accordingly,” he says.

The end result, needless to say, is pretty lit (pun intended).

And with the new song having launched, Mamba says he feels a “responsibility as an artist to inspire and light the flame within the city.”

“I’m invested all the way as a die-hard fan but also as an artist,” he explains. “They both mesh together and I want to win. I hate losing.”

With a little luck and one more win, hopefully, Flames fans will have this song on repeat for weeks to come.

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