Calgary's vacancy rates are affecting university students

Jul 21 2022, 10:20 pm

Student life is stressful enough, but now there is a new problem: where to live. Vacancy rates in the city are affecting students.

Students looking to attend the University of Calgary are having issues finding a place to live because of the current rental market.

According to the Students Union, the University of Calgary residences are full, and those on waiting lists are being told they won’t be accommodated in on-campus housing.

The union is asking if people would consider renting any type of housing to students, whether it be a spare room, basement suite, or an apartment to help students as they return.

“Students will be looking to move here as early as August and definitely for September,” says SU President Nicole Schmidt. “If you’re able, please consider renting to a student. Renting to students is a win-win, students get a great place to live while studying and landlords get new revenue.”

While rent vacancy is limited, prices have also been going up. Schmidt says this is also causing issues for students.

“Students deserve to access safe, clean, and affordable housing while they pursue their studies,” says Schmidt. “The current rental market is tight and what’s available often costs more than what students can afford. This is an access and affordability issue.”

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