UPS worker caught literally rolling box down the sidewalk during delivery (VIDEO)

Jan 22 2019, 11:59 pm

Another video has surfaced online showing a delivery gone-wrong in Canada and this time UPS is to blame.

In the video, you can see a UPS employee delivering a large parcel to a residential home on Wednesday, January 9 just before 4:30 pm.

But rather than using a trolly to help carry the box, or even make an attempt to carry it, the worker rolls the parcel along the sidewalk, flipping the box and its contents over repeatedly.

When the worker reaches the front porch, he continues to roll the large parcel up the steps before pushing it across the porch toward the door.

The worker then returns to the UPS delivery truck without checking to see if anyone was home.

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Daily Hive spoke to the video’s original owner who said the incident took place in Toronto, and when they opened the parcel, the contents inside the box were broken.

The package contained a mirrored side table and during delivery, “the top had broken off and the nails that once secured the top and bottom together had scratched the underside of the table badly,” said the customer in an email to Daily Hive.

“I ordered this table in October and had to wait until January for it to arrive.”

The customer added they want UPS to treat all packages with care and respect and luckily their item was from a large retailer who was happy to send over another table.

“My concern is that what if this item had been irreplaceable such as a family antique, one of a kind item, or a piece of art,” continued the customer.

“Shipping items, especially to Canada, is becoming increasingly expensive and when we are paying large amounts of money we would expect that this comes with quality service. This is just another example of a delivery employee failing to properly deliver a package in Canada.”

The customer said they reached out to UPS regarding the incident and was informed the company “would look into it,” however, the customer says UPS did not seem concerned that their item was damaged.

Following the incident, Matthew O’Connor, senior manager of public relations for UPS, told Daily Hive “UPS employees receive regular training on the company’s methods and procedures to safely transport and deliver packages.”

O’Connor added that mishandling packages is not tolerated.

“We apologize for the issue, are investigating the situation, and will take the appropriate action,” said O’Connor.

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Meanwhile, last week Canada Post was under fire after multiple videos surfaced online showing employees not even attempting to deliver packages when the customers were home.

On Friday, two videos were shared with Daily hive showing FedEx employees hurling packages at a door from several feet away.

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