Tim Hortons new Apple Fritter Cereal: An honest review

Feb 23 2023, 10:41 pm

In a collaboration with Post Foods Canada, the hugely popular Canadian coffee chain recently launched an all-new Tim Hortons Apple Fritter Flavoured Cereal.

Inspired by the iconic Canadian classic dessert, these boxes of cereal are now available at select grocery stores across Canada.

Late last year, Tim Hortons revealed what its most popular items in Canada were…will this new cereal get on the list this year?

We rushed to the grocery store to try this newly introduced breakfast item. Here’s our honest opinion:

At first glance, the cereal looks fun.

From the picture on the box, it really does look like the individual pieces look adorably like mini apple fritters. So was that the case? Not really, they look more like featureless, brown pellets. It didn’t bother us much because that’s the case with most cereal anyways. Plus, it’s how it tastes that really counts.

Tim Hortons

Dished Calgary

Tim Hortons Apple Fritter cereal

Dished Calgary

Basically, if you’re a fan of apple fritters, you just want these things to taste like something resembling apple cinnamon and…they did!

Especially since these were based on a sweet dessert, we were wary of it tasting way too sweet. While 11 grams of sugar per cup is still high, it’s not that bad when comparing it to other cereals (Cap’n Crunch has about 15 grams per cup). And it tasted the way that it should.

If there was one donut at Timmies to try a box of cereal with, the apple fritter with its two distinct flavours feels like the one to do it with. If you love the TH fritter, then we would definitely recommend giving these a try.

And if cereal isn’t your thing but new food items are, maybe you can find a new Tim Hortons Flatbread Pizza that just launched in Alberta and Ontario.

Tim Hortons Apple Fritter cereal

Dished Calgary

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