1,000 trucks stuck as roads worsen in Toronto-area "storm hangover"

Jan 18 2022, 2:34 pm

The effects of Monday’s snow storm aren’t done yet, as the OPP warns that road conditions on Tuesday morning continue to cause mass disruptions across the GTA.

“I wish I could tell you we had good news, and everything was wide open, and things were doing well,” said OPP Sergeant Kerry Schmidt in a video posted to Twitter. “They are not doing well. We still have problems all across the GTA.”

According to Schmidt, there are multiple storm-related accidents throughout the GTA, with many along the 401 and 410 highways, noting that there are “probably 1,000 trucks stuck at 401 and Kipling.”

“We have got vehicles stuck, we have got jackknifed transport trucks, we have got traffic that is building probably bigger than yesterday,” Schmidt said. “We are not in a position to have everything rolling right now with everybody out.”

Although the roads have been plowed, for the most part, Schmidt says that there are still slippery sections of the highway causing vehicles to lose traction. The accidents and calls for stuck vehicles that the OPP is responding to span from Durham to Toronto all the way down to Burlington.

Tow trucks have been responding to the calls all night, but as Schmidt points out, “they can only go so long, and they need some rest as well.”

“If you can stay home, just stay home,” Schmidt added. “It’s not worth getting out here right now.”

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