Calgary's hazy skies are finally clearing up (PHOTOS)

Aug 21 2018, 3:58 pm

The worst appears to be over, Calgary.

After what felt like a month (but was actually a week) straight of special air quality statements, record-breaking hours of smoke, and a half-hidden skyline, we’re happy to report that the smoke has begun clearing around the city.

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Looking up, Calgarians should be able to glimpse a blue in the sky that has not been seen since before the BC wildfire smoke swooped in to cover the city in a cloud of haze.

Environment Canada currently places Calgary’s Air Quality Health Index at a three — sitting right in between low risk and moderate risk, and a suitable level for both the general public and those who are at-risk to enjoy outdoor activities.


Calgary Air Quality Health Index for August 21 (Environment Canada)

In case you haven’t had the chance to step outside and breath in the fresh air yet today — or if you’re stuck in a windowless office — we’ve put together a few photos showing just how much the skies have cleared around Calgary over the past day or two.


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And this is what Calgary looked like from the same vantage just five days ago:

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….And downtown five days ago:

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We’d call that a definite improvement!

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