Shaving while driving in Alberta could result in a $287 fine

Sep 16 2017, 12:32 am

Earlier this week, the BC RCMP reminded drivers that snacking behind the wheel is considered distracted driving.

In the west coast province, if a driver is caught in the act it could lead to a $368 fine and 6 driver penalty points on their record.

Here in Alberta, a new distracted driving law came into effect back in January 2016. The distracted driving law restricts drivers from: using cell phones, texting or emailing (even at red lights), reading, writing, using any electronic devices (like laptops or video games), and personal grooming.

That’s right, you can not be grooming behind that wheel.

That means, no shaving, no brushing and flossing teeth, no putting on makeup, no curling hair, and definitely no clipping nails.

If you’re caught shaving while driving, you could get a $287 fine and would cost you three demerit points.

So maybe before heading out, clip those nails and shave at home where there’s a better mirror anyway.

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