Satsuki: New Japanese restaurant recently opened in Calgary

Mar 21 2023, 4:55 pm

Satsuki, a new Japanese omakase restaurant serving high-quality sushi, recently opened in Calgary.

Located in Kensington, this new spot seems like it might become one of theĀ great sushi spots in YYC.

Omakase is a Japanese phrase meaning “I’ll leave it up to you,” which essentially just means the dining experience is in the chef’s hands. This chef’s menu has two seatings per night with limited availability but it’s a unique way to enjoy Japanese cuisine. These dishes are often meticulously prepared one by one and are very exciting.

There is an a la carte menu as well, which is just as interesting. These aren’t your average rolls or plates of tempura (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Ā These are classics made with surprising ingredients like the Gyoza made with Wagyu.

A few other appetizers include beef tataki with ponzu sauce, steamed daikon with miso paste, and Hana dumplings.

For sushi, a few of the options include bluefin tuna, hamachi yellow tail, saltwater eel, and even A5 Wagyu beef, to name just a few. As far as rolls go, there are nine to choose from, like the negi toro roll, which is the extremely delicious fatty part of a tuna.

The entrees here, which are all served with miso soup and house-made pickles, include curry donburi, local vegetables, and the chef’s signature miso sablefish risotto.

The sake menu is half of the fun as well, with a menu that offers everything from glasses, small bottles, sparkling and dessert sake, and more.

It doesn’t matter if you go for the up close and personal omakase experience or go to choose a few favourites on your own, this is a new must-try sushi joint.


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Address: 1130 Kensington Road NW, Calgary


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