Sammie Cafe offering a beautiful cherry blossom tree cake this month

Apr 22 2022, 8:02 pm

Sammie Cafe, one of Calgary’s most popular brunch spots, offers a cake you have to see to believe.

Even when you do see it, you may not believe it’s real.

Available this month only, the team here has created a visually stunning handcrafted cake that looks like a beautiful cherry blossom tree.


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Lifelike cakes are all the rage right now.

Even Netflix created its new show, Is it Cake, after the social media sensation of people cutting into lifelike items only to be presented as delicious cake.

This gorgeous cherry blossom cake from the team at Sammie Cafe is made with three different layers.

The green earth’s bottom layer is made with lemon pannacotta, berry compote, and matcha cake.

The middle layer, the stem and branches of the tree, is made with handcrafted dark chocolate.

Finally, the large, fluffy pink petals on top are the most significant component, which is created by adding pink lemonade cotton candy.

Amazingly, even though the lifelike cakes are often very expensive, this cherry blossom tree cake is being sold for just $10!

If you can’t see a cherry blossom tree in full bloom in real life, stop by this spot and eat one!


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Sammie Cafe

Address: 2205 33rd Avenue SW #113, Calgary


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