7 ways to step up the romance at the Calgary Stampede

Jul 8 2019, 12:00 pm

Whether you’ve been dating your partner for years or you’re meeting for the very first time, the Stampede can be the perfect place to spark a storybook romance.

It might sound cheesy and a tad old-fashioned, but an evening at the fair is a timeless classic that will never go out of style.

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From kissing on the Ferris wheel to winning your partner the largest stuffed animal ever, there’s no shortage of Notebook-worthy moments for you and your date to enjoy together!


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This opportunity only comes around once a year, so saddle up in your western best and enjoy the many Stampede moments that will steal the show and likely win over the heart of your significant other.

Enjoy a picnic at the Coca-Cola Stage


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Either bring your own snacks from home or enjoy a feast of deep-fried delights as you watch the live music scheduled at the Coca-Cola Stage (during the afternoon would be ideal). The best part? It’s FREE with your admission to the park. So sit back and relax as you enjoy each other’s company amongst the outskirts of the chaos on the grounds.

Take a ride together on the Westjet Sky Ride


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Sail above the masses on this ride as you coast over the grounds. This is the perfect time for a cute selfie or to steal a kiss (or two) when no one’s looking!

Win some prizes on the midway


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Bring home a souvenir that will represent your time spent together and also the work you put into beating those games – they aren’t always easy! Show off your skills or work together to win the biggest stuffy there is. Whether you win or not, it will be a memory neither of you will forget.

Watch the fireworks together


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It could be on the grounds or at a secret YYC lookout from your car. Either way, there is nothing more romantic than watching fireworks at the end of a perfect day spent at the Stampede.

Go two-stepping


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Slow-slow-quick-quick! That’s all you need to know. Hop on the country bandwagon and hit the dance floor with your significant other. If it’s the first date you’ll get to know each other fast, if it’s not, you can bond over your two left feet. No matter what, it’s a fun activity that can liven things up and get the sparks a-flying.

Spend an afternoon at the rodeo


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Have a few drinks, make your bets, and see who comes out in the lead. These well-known stampede events are highly competitive and will bring the heat in the infield and in your relationship. Can you two stand the pressure?

Try all the midway food


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There’s only one way to really get to know someone and it’s to find out what type of foodie they really are. Are you compatible when it comes to eating, sharing dishes, and ordering? Or are you complete opposites when it comes to flavours and personal tastes?

These are all essential questions that must be answered before things get serious, and there is no better place to experiment than at this foodie paradise aka the Stampede. If you two can’t come to a culinary understanding here, will you ever?

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