Restaurant gift cards could save your favourite eatery this holiday season

Nov 16 2020, 8:44 am

Local restaurants put a lot of love into the food they dish out for us, so let’s serve up a piping hot, metaphorical plate of love right back, even if we can’t celebrate with them in style like we normally would this upcoming holiday season.

As COVID-19 cases climb in most provinces across Canada, and we reluctantly accept that patio season is coming to a close (unless you’re talking year-round heated patios, but only a few are so lucky), we have got to support our local restaurants, cafes, bakeries, breweries, distilleries, wineries, and pubs, now more than ever.

Not only are they operating under a limited capacity and reduced hours to abide by provincial health orders to keep us safe, but on top of that, group dining, restaurant buyouts, and holiday parties are just simply not a thing this year, and that’s a big deal when it comes to an establishments’ bottom line during the colder months.

There’s no denying this will be a tough season for the industry, which has already been operating at a huge loss since the beginning of the pandemic.

Canada’s foodservice industry was among the hardest hit by the pandemic. In April, Restaurant Canada conducted a survey where 50% of independent restaurants across the country did not expect to survive.

So if you’re thinking of slipping a $20 bill or two into a card this season, think about skipping the cash gift and buying a gift card to a local restaurant as an alternative.

A little goes a long way here, and even if you’re not into dining in right away, the promise of a future visit to these spots is a win-win on both ends, for the restaurant and the patron.

And at this point, so many restaurants have pivoted to offer curbside pickup, takeout, and delivery; anyone with a gift card has plenty of options if they are keen to grab and go as well.

This holiday season is going to be a weird one, but we want to make sure we do our best to help our local spots get through this storm.

We are big fans of gifts, especially ones from Canadian makers, as you’ll see several guides coming up on Daily Hive over the next few days. That being said, we’d also urge you to consider a restaurant gift card as an important present as well, one you can use for good times and deliciousness down the road.

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