Period piece: Period cramp simulator brings Stampede goers to their knees

Jul 11 2022, 6:55 pm

The Calgary Stampede is a week-long event that is all about new experiences. Seeing bands you’ve never seen before, trying new foods and drinks.

But one exhibit is giving some men a new experience that is bringing them to their knees… period cramps.

Somedays is a company based out of Vancouver that wants to eliminate period pain from those who experience it.

They also want to make sure periods are understood. Part of that is the period cramp simulator at the Calgary Stampede. And as you can see in the video here, it is catching people off guard.

@getsomedays Visit us at booth 212 at the calgary stampede #periodpain #periodtiktok #periodtips #endo #periodsimulator #calgarystampede ♬ original sound – @somedays

Somedays is a mix of queer, Black, disabled, and gender-diverse entrepreneurs.

It has four categories to help with period pain: Heat Therapy, Bath Therapy, Topicals, and Consumables

You can find it at booth 212 in the makers market at the Calgary Stampede.

Peter KleinPeter Klein

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