Ontario band tours western Canada, comes across grizzly bear eating a moose (VIDEO)

Oct 19 2016, 1:19 pm

Canada is a big country, and it’s definitely full of stereotypes.

But sometimes our provinces go above and beyond the call of simple generalizations to reveal a cliche so pure it could only happen in Canada.

In this case, a grizzly bear snacking on a dead moose on the side of an Alberta highway.

Ontario band The Standstills, comprised of Jonny Fox (Guitar/ Vocals) and Renee Couture (Drums), headed out west to begin their cross-country tour – they play Calgary tonight – and were driving through the snowy hills “About 1-2hrs North of Jasper” on Monday when they came across a mean looking site.

You can hear Couture in the video say, “You could see this all the way from the top of the hill but couldn’t figure out what it was. It’s a f*cking grizzly bear eating a moose.”

The band stops the car and even rolls down the window to investigate further but the combination of the stench of rotting meat and the grizzly’s hard stink eye encourages them to move on quickly.

But not before Fox very aptly ad libs before leaving the scene, “This is what you get to see when you tour Canada.”

And only in Canada, folks.

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