Northern Lights spotted across Alberta skies this weekend (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

Mar 22 2021, 5:20 pm

Those who were gazing upwards on Saturday morning may have been lucky enough to spot Northern Lights flashing across Alberta skies.

The Weather Network reported that the Northern Lights, or aurora borealis, made an appearance in parts of the prairies in the early hours of Saturday, March 20. An AuroraWatch red alert was in effect from 1:10 am until 7 am.

A red alert indicates that there is a very good chance of auroral activity, and hopeful Northern Lights viewers weren’t let down this weekend.

According to the Canadian Space Agency, auroras occur when charged particles collide with gases in Earth’s atmosphere.

These collisions produce tiny flashes that fill the sky with colourful light. The auroras appear to move and dance across the sky as billions of flashes occur one after another.

The science behind the aurora borealis is cool, but we prefer to think of the Northern Lights as pure magic.

Did you catch nature’s enchanting light show this weekend?

Elle McLeanElle McLean

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