"The traps for mice are full": AHS shutters Edmonton restaurant for 24 health code violations

Sep 27 2021, 5:38 pm

A downtown Edmonton restaurant has been closed by Alberta Health Services (AHS) after an inspection found two dozen health code violations.

AHS says in a report that P & L Chinese Restaurant, located on 10425 100 Avenue, was noted to have 24 violations when an inspection occurred at the restaurant.

“There is evidence of a heavy pest infestation. Cockroaches, sewer flies, mice, and large outdoor flies were observed in the facility,” the report says.

“The traps for mice are full. Live cockroaches at different developmental stages were observed. Mouse holes and nests located.”

A build-up of grunge, grease, debris, food particles and filth was observed on all kitchen equipment, food storage bins, walls, floor and ceiling throughout the facility, along with customer washrooms that were noted to be filthy.

“Food in cardboard boxes in the walk-in freezer are stored on a soiled floor. Multiple food containers were stacked in a manner that the bottom of one container was in direct contact with the food beneath – no barriers to separate it.”

AHS ordered the restaurant be closed until all health violations are addressed.

The document states that the restaurant’s owner, listed as Xiao Fang Cui on the notice, was given a verbal order to close on September 13.

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