7 iconic spots in Calgary that have closed and we want back

Sep 8 2023, 7:16 pm

If you’ve been in Calgary long enough, you’ve no doubt had to mourn some pretty iconic spots around the city when they closed.

You may have never forgotten some of these places, but if you have, you’ll no doubt appreciate being reminded of them. Let us help jog your memory with our list of seven iconic spots in Calgary that have closed but we definitely want back.

The original Calgary Science Centre

When the Calgary Science Centre announced it would be opening a new location in 2011, many Calgarians were sad to lose everything that made the first location great. It was the BEST field trip, with the bed of nails being the ultimate dare, and for anyone who was too scared to try it, there was always the wall of pins you could press your face into. It’s now just a memory full of Lego cars and tornado machines for Calgarians who were lucky enough to experience it.

Shakers Family Fun Centre

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Shakers was the perfect Friday night spot to visit with friends or family after school. The pizza was legendary alongside all the different fun things to do like mini golf and go-karting.

The New Black

iconic spots calgary

The New Black Centre for Music and Art/Facebook

If you were part of the Calgary music scene or had musician friends between 2008 to 2013, you likely checked out some pretty awesome (and maybe slightly terrible) shows here. It gave local aspiring musicians the perfect venue to perform live with the support of enthusiastic friends, family, and music lovers. Some great memories were created between its cramped walls until it closed in 2013.

Lloyd’s Rollersports Centre

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Lloyd’s Rollersports Centre/Facebook

Lloyd’s fostered a thriving skating community in Calgary for 53 years. It was the go-to birthday spot for generations of Calgarians. If you were one of the many who skated under the colourful lights and disco ball, there’s also a good chance you learned how hard roller skating actually was. The vibes were totally worth it though, regardless of how many times you fell on your butt.

Blind Beggar Pub

The Blind Beggar is another spot many Calgary musicians feel indebted to for helping them grow their fan base in the city. There was always awesome food to eat while watching a local band or comedian give it their all.

Blame Betty

Blame Betty/Facebook

Blame Betty was iconic for its eclectic selection of boutique clothing, shoes, and accessories. It was every alternative girl’s dream store with super cute and one-of-a-kind fashion finds as well as all things witchy. It was the go-to spot for goth and retro girlies for 13 years after it opened in 2005.

Silver Inn Restaurant


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The Silver Inn Restaurant was iconic in Calgary but also Canada-wide, known for creating ginger beef! It opened in 1975 and was a favourite local spot for 47 years before it closed in 2022. Calgarians will forever be left craving its famous salt and pepper squid.

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