Calgary is going fireworks free for Canada Day this year

May 18 2023, 10:24 pm

The City of Calgary is trying out something new this year for Canada Day as the traditional fireworks display is no more.

Instead, the city will be piloting an “enhanced pyrotechnic show” that it says will feature a visually stunning display of lights and sounds that will be launched from the main stage at Fort Calgary during the headliner act.

In a release, Franca Gualtieri, manager of arts & culture at the City of Calgary, said there are a number of reasons for this.

“This year we’re testing out a new way of closing out Canada Day festivities that addresses some of the cultural, community, and environmental impacts previously experienced with traditional Canada Day fireworks,” said Gualtieri. “Over the next year, we’ll engage with citizens, community groups, and cultural groups to collect feedback to understand Calgarians’ preferences for Canada Day programming which will help guide future decisions around Canada Day fireworks.”

The City says they recognize the cultural sensitivities around fireworks displays in relation to Truth and Reconciliation.

It says July 1 this year is a day of mourning for many in Calgary because this year, it marks the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Immigration Act.

Aside from cultural reasons, the city says there are practical reasons for Calgary to get rid of fireworks on Canada Day.

The City of Calgary says this new style of the show will help take care of disruptive traffic, noise, and overcrowding issues around popular fireworks viewing sites across the city.

The city also says emergency vehicles will have an easier time getting around the city with fewer parked cars on residential roads around popular fireworks viewing sites.

Also, everyone’s pets will be much more appreciative as the controlled pyro won’t be as loud and won’t startle them nearly as much.

The location of the main stage at Fort Calgary aligns with Canada’s Migratory Bird Act which does not allow disturbances to nesting birds during breeding and nesting periods in the area.

The City of Calgary says that part of the Canada Day festivities will offer diverse, educational, and inclusive programming to celebrate culture and community.

They will announce the full details of the celebrations next month.

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