"We need help": Popular Calgary Greek restaurant forced to briefly close due to break-in

Apr 5 2023, 3:22 pm

A Calgary Greek restaurant is appealing for help from the public in identifying a suspect involved with a break-in that has forced the store to close until next week.

Paros Real Greek posted to its Instagram on Tuesday stating, “Hey Calgary, we need your help” regarding a break-in at its location at 1436 8th Street SW.

The restaurant stated it will be closed this week due to a burglary that occurred early Monday morning, with the suspect taking off with all of the store’s IT and hardware, forcing them to purchase new equipment.

“This is the second time that this burglar has broken into our store,” the post stated. “As a small business, this largely impacts us and our livelihood.” ⁠

The Instagram post also provided two screen grabs from security camera footage of the suspect involved with the break-in.

The team at Paros added that if anyone recognizes the person in the security footage, to DM them so “this doesn’t happen to us or any other local businesses again.”

The Beltline location is set to be up and running come April 11, and if you want to show out and support Paros, the Royal Oak and Mahogany locations remain open.

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