Cheap Eats: Boogie's Burgers

Apr 26 2023, 10:28 pm

Are you craving huge burgers, delicious milkshakes, and hand-cut fries? Well, Boogie’s Burgers has the secret sauce.

They’ve been flippin’ patties and serving Calgary with funky, retro vibes since 1969.

Originally starting as a drive-thru back in the ’80s, Boogie’s has now moved on and has two locations, in Marda Loop and Renfrew.

We visited Marda Loop, sweetly known as “The Baby” restaurant location to its loved ones, and it was busting at the seams with character.

Bright orange walls, pink countertops, vintage arcade games, and a full, juicy menu. Heck, even their bathroom was cool with a “spaceburger” theme.

They have a ton of menu options for under $15.

Choose from beef, “not beef,” or plant-based burgers.

We ordered The Pizza Burger, stuffed to the brim with pepperoni, mozzo, onion, mushrooms, and a fat patty, and the Fay’s Burger, a classic burger with an added twist of bacon and mushroom sauce.

We’re a sucker for a ’60s diner as a date spot (it’s giving Grease), so we ordered a strawberry milkshake to share…one straw, of course.

All of this was less than $30!

Feel like bringing the kids? Boogie’s will whip them up a mini corn dog, mac & cheese wedges, or pickled eggs for $2 or less.

Boogie's Burgers

Maddy Hosking/Daily Hive

All of their burgers are sold individually so that you can build your own combo. We love the names of their burgers. You’ve got the BoogMak, Jebb’s Doggie Burger, Don’t Fear The Reaper, and June’s Jerk Chicken – just to name a few.

They may sound weird, but the chefs here know their way around a burg.

The entirety of their sides menu is less than $9 each and consists of tater tots, onion rings, yam fries, spicy fries, and a couple of variations of poutine.

Boogie's Burgers

Maddy Hosking/Daily Hive

Their milkshake menu has all the fan favourites, a monthly feature (currently mini egg flavoured #drooling), plus a ton of weird and whacky options, like macaroon, the “Hangover Helper,” “Fat Elvis,” “No More Bad Days,” and bacon maple.

If you’re feeling one of those, well then you’re in luck. They also have a huge selection of local craft beer.

We digress. We could talk about Boogie’s forever. But really it’s just somewhere that you need to experience for yourself.

Boogie's Burgers

Maddy Hosking/Daily Hive

Boogieā€™s Burgers

Address:Ā 908 Edmonton Trail NE, Calgary
Phone:Ā 403-230-7070

Address:Ā 2129 33rd Avenue SW, Calgary
Phone:Ā 403-454-2902


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