Ba Mien Quan: Vietnamese street food restaurant opens in Calgary

Apr 22 2022, 8:56 pm

Ba Mien Quan, a Vietnamese restaurant serving street food in a contemporary setting, just opened in Calgary.

This hip new spot opened this week at 1915 31st Street SE.

The entire room is decorated beautifully and the food might look even better.

Ba Mien Quan

Courtesy of Ba Mien Quan

There are plenty of delicious Vietnamese soups, spring rolls, salad rolls, and sizzling plates with a variety of meats and vegetables cooked in house-made sauces.

Vietnamese subs are everyone’s favourite, and here diners can grab a classic cold cut, teriyaki chicken, pork BBQ, straight veggie, and plenty more.

We also recommend the huge plate of snails cooked in a beautiful sauce and garnished with Thai chillies.

Ba Mien Quan

Courtesy of Ba Mien Quan

A list of fruity, mojito-style drinks is the refreshing drink you’ll love to wash all of it down with.

The room itself is one of the most beautifully decorated spaces in Calgary.

From the bottom, with plants, fruit baskets, bamboo bars, to the exposed brick walls, all the way to the roof lined with large wicker lights, it truly feels like an urban escape.

There’s even a hut-style bamboo bar, a DJ booth set up, and an interesting scene of cartoon-like mannequins smiling in a yard that feels like a corner of Vietnam transplanted into the restaurant.

Ba Mien Quan

Courtesy of Ba Mien Quan

Check this out as soon as you can (if you can find it…)

Ba Mien Quan

Address: 1915 31st Street SE, Calgary


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